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Government Funding Programs
IMC has assisted clients to access funds ranging from thousands of dollars to several million dollars for undertaking Research and Development, Commercialisation, Infrastructure Development, Joint Venture projects and Export Market Development. IMC determines the best strategies to meet our client’s needs by establishing an understanding of their business needs and determining the most appropriate government assistance program/s in the form of grants, tax concessions and offsets. We assist our clients to access the most appropriate government grants to support their activities and by way of example our offerings include:

  • Commercialisation Australia Grants
    Commercialisation Australia is the Commonwealth Government’s key program for assisting companies to Commercialise innovative technologies. It is a competitive merit based grant program which supports Proof of Concept (POC) and Early-Stage Commercialisation (ESC) activities. Grants are available to small and medium-sized businesses and can vary up to $2,000,000. We assist our clients in scoping out relevant projects as well as assisting in all stages of preparing, drafting and submitting Grant applications.

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  • Other Grant Programs supporting Research & Development
    There are a range of other government funding programs at both State and Commonwealth levels that IMC can provide advice on and assistance with completing the application process.

  • R&D Tax Incentive Program
    As R&D Tax specialists, the team at IMC can provide advice in structuring, planning, preparation and review of your company’s R&D registration and expenditure. Under the R&D Tax Incentive program we can assist company’s access the relevant incentives that are available. Our highly experienced team at IMC have developed internal processes that can assist clients through the R&D registration process and compile the necessary documentation including the R&D Work Program and Application Form required for the R&D Tax Incentive.

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  • Export Market Development Grants
    The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is the Australian Government's principal financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters. The scheme is administered by Austrade and is aimed at encouraging small and medium sized Australian businesses to develop export markets by reimbursing up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above a threshold of $10,000. IMC has worked with numerous clients to access the EMDG scheme and has a well developed methodology to assist clients at all stages of the claim process.

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Strategic Business Analysis & Planning
IMC assists clients to develop business planning strategies to maximise growth. These strategies are developed after taking into consideration our client’s position in their market, their strengths and weaknesses, their current opportunities as well as their human and capital resource constraints. Profitability and growth are advanced by identifying future market opportunities and developing market entry strategies for Australia and the broader international markets. IMC aims to reduce its costs by accessing government business assistance programs. By way of example, appropriate programs include:

  • Grow Your Business Funding Grants
    The Victorian State Government’s Grow Your Business program, administered by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD), provides up to a total of $11,500 in subsidies to develop a Business Strategic Review (BSR) and a Business Development Plan (BDP). This program aims assists innovative Victorian businesses to grow, develop and become internationally competitive. More specifically IMC assists our clients to:
    • Develop a BSR to provide a high level appraisal of the company’s operations and an outline of the major issues to be addressed in order to achieve maximum future growth potential; and
    • Develop a BDP that builds on the issues identified in the BSR by scoping and implementing the appropriate strategies to develop and commercialise our clients’ new technologies and products in the targeted domestic and global markets. IMC also undertakes a financial needs analysis and explores opportunities to obtain funding support for technology and product development.
  • Commercialisation Australia - Skills & Knowledge Program
    The Commercialisation Australia – Skills and Knowledge program offers financial assistance up to $50,000.for business advice in the areas of:
    • Management development;
    • Strategic and business planning, including an export strategy if appropriate;
    • Market research;
    • Intellectual Property strategy;
    • Market validity;
    • Engagement of experienced CEO’s.
  • Enterprise Connect
    This program is designed to boost productivity, improve innovation and increase the competitiveness of Australian SMEs. It provides funding of upto $20,000 to engage consultants to undertake business planning activities.

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Financial Modelling, Cash Flows & Budgeting
IMC offers advice and assistance in preparing financial models, cash flows and budget forecasts. This assistance includes a thorough review and analysis of your organisation that can be broken down on an industry specific, divisional, product or project basis. We have unique financial models that are typically revenue and cost driven and which are capable of producing cash flows, profit and loss and balance sheet items for up to 5 years.

Operational and Project Management Support
We can assist in ongoing business and project management through the provision of skilled staff who are capable of assisting businesses with their project management and general management needs. We conduct regular client meetings to discuss key issues and set detailed action plans. Many clients also benefit from IMC’s assistance in preparing key performance reports that help manage and measure the most important aspects of their business.

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